AN/URC-9 or AN/SRC-20 or AN/SRC-21

Running a TT-187, TT-192 and TT-307 together.

Testing an RF-301 (AN/URC-58) with RTTY. Low power test into Dummy load.


RTTY Net Control on a 70cm net that we are trying to get going with the Battle Ship Iowa Crew. NE6PM.


Teletype TT-187a Transmitting a tape through a CV-2460 Converter into a CV-483 Demodulater out to a TT-307/UG Model 28 KSR.


Teletype Model 28 Typing Reperforator TT-192A in Slow Motion


Building a Cushcraft X-7 with Bryan N3FAA in Lancaster, Ca


Installation of a 10m and a 2/70 Antenna on my house.


Teletype Model 28 mated to a CV-2460 Converter using a Kenwood TS-570S transceiver.

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